About us

Vision Statement

Our vision is to have all real property within the County of Essex fairly and equitably assessed utilizing the most accurate, uniform and objective methods available. We will strive at all times to assist property owners/taxpayers of Essex County in a courteous, timely and professional manner. The Tax Board is committed to empowering its employees and local tax assessors by supporting continuing education and integrating the use of modern technology into our everyday work environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Promote the fair and equitable assessment of all real property in Essex County utilizing uniform standards;
  • Prudently operate the Tax Board employing the most effective, efficient & economical methods available;
  • Adjudicate tax appeals filed in the most objective, impartial & timely manner allowed under the law;
  • Supervise our municipal tax assessors while promoting & supporting their professional development;
  • Equalize assessments for the fair apportionment of county taxes utilizing the most accurate methods available;
  • Provide for a careful review & revision of assessments;
  • Fairly enforce the rules, regulations & statutes governing the assessment of real property in Essex County.

County Tax Administrator

The county tax administrator, under supervision of the county board of taxation, is responsible for the administrative functions of the tax board. Some of the major duties of this full time position include:

  • Controlling and directing all officers (local tax assessors) charged with the duty of making assessments in accordance with the rules, regulations & laws governing the processes;
  • Run the day-to-day operations of the Tax Board;
  • Administrate the entire tax appeal hearing process, including receipt of appeals, scheduling, and the issuance of judgments;
  • Prepare the preliminary & final equalization tables.
  • Collect the municipal, school & county budgets and strike the general tax rate for each municipality in the county for which they serve.
  • Administrate the Sales Ratio Program (SR-1A) via the processing of every deed transfer within the county they serve.
  • Provide the necessary statistical analysis for ordering municipal revaluations and/or reassessments.

County Board of Taxation Commissioner

“The county boards of taxation were established to supervise municipal tax assessors, equalize assessments of municipalities for the fair apportionment of county taxes, provide for revision and review of assessments, and enforcement of the laws and guidelines for property tax assessment. County boards of taxation are creatures of the legislature and have such power as conferred upon them by statute or by an implication therefrom.”

Each commissioner in Essex County is appointed to a five (5) year term by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.

The tax board reorganizes every May 1st at which time a President of the board is selected from among its members and serves for a one (1) year term. The president presides over meetings, acts as the presiding commissioner at appeal hearings and is responsible for the annual report of the board which outlines the disposition of appeals.